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*PLEASE NOTE: Next Shipment will be the week of June 

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Premium beans make premium coffee. It's good. Real good.

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"This is the best French Vanilla pod I have ever had!" 

Customer from a Farmer's Market

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" . . . I loved your dark roast coffee so much!

 - Jen

"You've ruined me . . . this is the only coffee I can drink now!"

- Braidwood, IL

"I bought the sample packs yesterday, made my firt pot this morning using the light roast, I'm hooked!"

 - Tarra

"I was so excited to receive my box of fishing bait and coffee for my fiancé’s Christmas. I was so excited to receive it that I gave it to him the day it arrived you could smell the amazing coffee while inside the packaging!! We made coffee immediately and went through the bait while we drank our coffee together. We absolutely recommend!" - Melinda

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Small Batch Roaster
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Shade Grown
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Direct Trade

Small batch roasting ensures that your coffee is as fresh as possible. Freshness makes a huge difference!

Our beans are grown in the Atitlán region of Guatemala. The high altitudes and rich, volcanic soil create the perfect environment for these specialty-grade Arabica beans. Shade-grown means sustainable farming that is better for the environment.

The farm families we buy from set their own price - no haggling from us! This means families, just like yours, can earn a living and not be subject to a cycle of poverty. We know these families personally and have traveled to work with them.

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