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  • Is your coffee Specialty Grade?
    Yes it is. The SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) rates specialty coffee on a 100 point scale. The scale is as follows: 80-84.99 - Very Good 85-89.99 - Excellent 90-100 - Outstanding Our coffee was last scored by a Instructor that teaches SCAA scoring methods. She rated our coffee at 85.25. That sounds excellent to us!
  • Can I select a ship date?
    Yes you may. If one of our shipping options does not work, please message us and we will customize a ship date for you.
  • Why do you say it may take ten days to get our order?
    Our coffee is roasted fresh every week. We want you to receive the freshest possible product. Your order may need to wait until the next roasting date to get the best product to you. Fresh coffee does make a huge difference in taste!
  • What type of tackle will come in my subscription?
    We only use premium Strike King Lure Company tackle in our gift boxes and subscriptions. The tackle selection each month will vary, but will always be around $15-$20 in retail value.
  • What is Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade?
    There is a lot of verbage being used in the coffee industry. Here it is: Direct Trade: We actually know, have met, and work with our farmers directly. They set their own prices and we pay it. The result is better income for their families and we ensure that our coffee is of the highest quality from the Atitlán region of Guatemala. Fair Trade: This is more of a certification that was first established in 1988. The goal is to ensure small farmers and able to compete with large corporations and keep prices from being driven down to the point where small producers cannot make a living.
  • Is your coffee shade grown?
    Yes. Our farmers are small producers that work with the environment and do not slash and burn large acreages to mass produce their product.
  • What are the tasting notes in your coffee?
    You can taste hints of cocoa, citrus, peach, berries, slight floral, and caramel.
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